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Alabama Women: Their Lives and Times

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Edited by Lisa Lindquist Dorr and Susan Youngblood Ashmore

Alabama Women celebrates women's histories in the Yellowhammer State by highlighting the lives and contributions of women and enriching our understanding of the past and present. Exploring such subjects as politics, arts, and civic organizations, this collection of eighteen biographical essays provides a window into the social, cultural, and geographic milieux of women's lives in Alabama.

Featured individuals include Augusta Evans Wilson, Maria Fearing, Julia S. Tutwiler, Margaret Murray Washington, Pattie Ruffner Jacobs, Ida E. Brandon Mathis, Ruby Pickens Tartt, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Sara Martin Mayfield, Bess Bolden Walcott, Virginia Foster Durr, Rosa Parks, Lurleen Burns Wallace, Margaret Charles Smith, and Harper Lee.

-Nancy Grisham Anderson on Harper Lee
-Harriet E. Amos Doss on the enslaved women surgical patients of J. Marion Sims
-Wayne Flynt and Marlene Hunt Rikard on Pattie Ruffner Jacobs
-Caroline Gebhard on Bess Bolden Walcott
-Staci Simon Glover on the immigrant women in metropolitan Birmingham
-Sharony Green on the Townsend Family
-Sheena Harris on Margaret Murray Washington
-Christopher D. Haveman on the women of the Creek Removal Era
-Kimberly D. Hill on Maria Fearing
-Tina Naremore Jones on Ruby Pickens Tartt
-Jenny M. Luke on Margaret Charles Smith
-Rebecca Cawood McIntyre on Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald and Sara Martin Mayfield
-Rebecca S. Montgomery on Ida E. Brandon Mathis
-Paul M. Pruitt Jr. on Julia S. Tutwiler
-Susan E. Reynolds on Augusta Evans Wilson
-Patricia Sullivan on Virginia Foster Durr
-Jeanne Theoharis on Rosa Parks
-Susan Youngblood Ashmore on Lurleen Burns Wallace

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