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Images of America: Bibb County

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Few people or places have contributed more to the development of the state of Alabama than those found in Bibb County. Originally created as Cahawba County in 1818, Bibb County made use of its land, river, and resources to produce the iron, coal, and timber that fueled the growth of Alabama and our nation. The area provided the arsenals for the Confederacy and contributed to the simple task of heating homes. Industrial growth throughout the state has the county to thank. Bibb County boasts the largest timber operations east of the Rocky Mountains, and this timber is shipped all over the world. Today Bibb County is home to some of the South's most treasured places. The county boasts Tannehill and Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Parks, Talledega National Forest, Oakmulgee Wildlife Management Area, and the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge.

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