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Images of America: Birmingham and Jefferson County

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From its founding as a steel-making area that rivaled any in the world for quality and quantity, to its present-day role as a leading banking, retail, and medical center for the New South, the rolling, iron-rich land of Jefferson County has been well represented in picture postcards. Roving photographers and those from local studios captured scenes of civic, business, and private life, and made them into postcards that were sent around the world. Birmingham and Jefferson County, Alabama takes the reader on a visual tour of such landmarks as the Tutwiler Hotel, the Empire Building, Rickwood Field, Legion Field, Arlington, and the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Explore the beginnings of world-class medical facilities, the rise of the iron and steel industry, and the rich cultural heritage that the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Italians, Greeks, and other ethnic groups brought to the area.

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