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Images of America: Houston County, The First 100 Years

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In 1903, before "King Cotton" gave way to the boll weevil, Alabama's youngest county was born. Bordered on the east by Georgia's busy Chattahoochee River and flanked to the south by Florida, Houston County, Alabama has seen many changes and thriving successes over the course of its 100-year existence. Throughout the years the county's hearty population has found a unique niche in southeast Alabama's Wiregrass region and the state as a whole. Depicted within these pages is the county's 100-year quest told through images from the past and present. From the early days of steamships on the river when tall pines provided economic opportunity, to the present day when the peanut is honored with the National Peanut Festival, Houston County's history is revealed within the faces and places of each photograph.

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